Supplying specialist, reliable services to Australia’s largest and most complex procurement industry.

As one of the largest procurement agencies in the Commonwealth, Australian defence tenders are arguably some of the most highly regulated and complex procurement activities.

The requirement for specialist resources, enhanced security clearances and complex strategy means that effectively managing a competitive defence bid requires expertise.

A stable funding path and a Federal Government investment of $270b over the next decade means that despite the enhanced risk profile, organisations bidding in this sector can expect to benefit from a steady pipeline of opportunities and a likely streamlined pool of more specialised competitors.    

How we help you win work

ARO Tenders has experienced bid specialists that have a proven track record of bid management and bid writing within heavily regulated industries including Defence tenders. 

We work with you to strategically:

  • Align your bid to Defence requirements and ‘hot buttons’
  • Highlight resources with knowledge of the defence industry to set your bid apart
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the enhanced security protocols required when supplying the armed forces
  • Ensure the inclusion and correct usage of defence terminology
  • Detail effective risk management protocols
  • Illustrate integration of IT systems and software used by the armed forces.