Local Government

Highlighting value for money, quality and social procurement for the good of the community.

Utilising local supply chains, generating Australian jobs, providing opportunities for minority groups, emphasising value for money – just some of the considerations required when bidding for local government tenders.

Council tenders follow rigid standards in terms of evaluation criteria and explicitly state the business practices and required quality systems expected of suppliers.

ARO Tender Consulting bring a wealth of experience in securing local government tenders for clients and over the past year have secured $40m worth of contracts.  

How we help you win work

ARO Tenders has experienced bid specialists that have a proven track record of securing local government contracts.

We can provide a range of bid services, working with you on a basis and budget to suit to strategically tailor the bid to respond directly to the unique tender requirements including:

  • Guidance surrounding social procurement requirements (in some cases accounting for 10% of the overall scoring criteria)
  • Assisting with estimation to ensure bids are both competitive and profitable, withstanding market fluctuations
  • Ensuring full compliance with all expected standards and quality management processes
  • Providing bid reviews to give your bid the best chance of success.

Proven success

Our expertise has helped clients win contracts with local governments such as:

  • Whittlesea City Council
  • Bayside City Council EOI.