Bid Management

Winning bids takes time, experience, organisation and complex coordination. 

With rigid deadlines, addenda and multiple contributors, it is imperative your bid management approach is executed effectively with clear accountabilities, deadlines and defined milestones.


ARO Tenders’ Specialist Bid Consultants have years of experience managing and coordinating complex bids in both the public and private sector. We work collaboratively with your teams to generate effective bid management solutions that are bespoke to your organisation to deliver bids on time and on budget.

We bring strong bid leadership and provide structure and vision to ensure the timely delivery of competitive proposals, removing the headache from your employees when juggling competing responsibilities.

ARO Tenders’ Bid Consultants can assist clients with the following elements of bid management:

Screening for tender opportunities

We help you identify and target relevant, upcoming tender opportunities in your market to build a pipeline of potential work and provide a basis for business development.

Creation of Response Schedules

We create response structures based on the tenderer’s scoring criteria to provide guidance for your Bid Writers and contributors. This saves time, ensures all responses align with the tender requirements and provides consistency across the bid.

Bid Plan creation and management

We conduct a full tender review and communicate all requirements to your bid team. We organise the required resources, schedule meetings and create answer structures and templates as well as establishing key bid milestones and reviews.

Technical Information Management

We work with technical leads and subject matter experts to gather and coordinate the necessary information required for the bid. We can liaise with third parties and subcontractors/subconsultants to ensure this is complete, accurate and received to deadline per the bid plan.

Leading and coordinating your Team

We lead, manage and support the entire bid team to produce a winning result. We’ll provide progress updates and continually communicate with stakeholders to ensure critical inputs are received and accountability is upheld throughout the bidding process.

Feedback Analysis

We analyse your clients post tender feedback to establish trends and to stop you repeating the same mistakes. Our specialist Bid Consultants can accompany you to tender feedback meetings to ensure you are asking the right questions and receive detailed feedback that will assist you in improving your bids and winning work in the future.

‘Go/No Go’ workshops

We ask the key questions to understand if a tender is suitable for you to pursue as making rushed decisions can be costly or reputationally damaging. ARO Tenders’ Bid Consultants work with you to apply rationale, examining the probability of winning the tender.

We’ll consult with your team using a set of weighted criteria to consider relevant factors such as existing relationships, competitors, experience and suitability to provide the goods and services, resource availability and contract serviceability. These key factors will determine the likelihood of efforts and resources expended resulting in a winning bid.