Delivering catering and staffing solutions across leisure, hospitality and tourism.

Aged care facilities, schools, hospitals, universities, mining and local government- many industries have a requirement for canteen and catering facilities. With the decline in industry revenue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, bidding for catering opportunities to serve social infrastructure provides reliable turnover, with a typical contract tenure of two to four years.  

ARO Tender Consulting are experienced in providing strategic bid management experience to assist clients in securing typically high volume, heavily compliant contracts. Over the past three years we have secured our clients a collective value of $66m worth of hospitality contracts.

How we help you win work

We can provide a range of different bid services including bid consultancy, bid management and bid writing. We work with you on a basis and budget to suit to strategically tailor the bid to respond directly to the unique tender requirements including:

  • Leading a strategic bid workshop to help you to identify and clearly articulate your company’s value proposition
  • Showcasing the competency of your resources and evidencing robust recruitment, retention and quality management procedures
  • Evidencing appropriate operating procedures and compliance with industry standards
  • Advising upon competitive yet profitable pricing schedules
  • Reviewing your bid to ensure it has the best chance of winning.

Proven success

Our expertise has helped win contracts including:

  • Southport School, Queensland
  • Glencore Hail Creek Mine.