Safeguarding assets by providing reliable resourcing and protective services.

The expansive security industry has an annual estimated revenue of $6bn in Australia alone and with a broad range of specific services including asset protection, traffic services, investigation and the provision of CCTV surveillance, security can offer a variety of tender opportunities spanning across a range of industries and assets.

How we help you win work

ARO Tender Consulting has experienced bid specialists who provide strategic bid management to assist clients in securing typically high volume, heavily compliant contracts of this nature. Over the past four years we have secured our clients a collective value of $4bn worth of domestic services contracts spanning a range of industries.

We can provide a range of different bid services, working with you on a basis and budget to suit to strategically tailor the bid to respond directly to the unique tender requirements including:

  • Considering the complexity of the site and leveraging available technologies to highlight productivity and gain a competitive advantage
  • Showcasing the competency of your resources and evidencing effective availability of security personnel
  • Demonstrating knowledge and experience of carrying out similar works
  • Evidencing appropriate operating procedures based on industry best practice
  • Assisting with estimation to ensure bids are both competitive and profitable, withstanding market fluctuations.