Tender Templates

A blueprint for your bidding 

We provide you with the bid templates and tools to effectively manage your bid process internally, enabling you to act autonomously and exercise improved governance over the bid process and bid team.


We’ll develop working templates that are bespoke to your organisation and provide greater efficiencies.

Our grids, guides and templates provide a blueprint for your internal bid management and include:

Go/No Go Forms

We provide you with a structured go/no go procedure to assess the suitability of opportunities. We will collaboratively create a bespoke set of weighted criteria based on your organisation and industry and present it in a template of your choice. 

The form will guide you through the process from start to finish, prompting your teams to consider micro and macro environmental factors to uncover the likelihood of securing the tender contract.

Response Templates

We create answer structures to ensure your teams cover each and every element of the bid question. We use prompts to ensure responses are comprehensive and free from any unnecessary marketing information or content that doesn’t add value. 

Our templates give your employees the confidence to address bid questions autonomously and continually cross reference to the scoring criteria. 

Bid Plans

We provide you with a structured bid plan that will take you through the whole bid lifecycle, mapping accountabilities, milestones and key reviews to keep your team organised, accountable and deadline driven.  

Compliance Matrices

We help you identify and interpret the tender compliance criteria to set you up for success. We work with you to cross reference each requirement to the corresponding section of your bid, ensuring you present information clearly. 

CV Templates

Your people are a vital resource when selling yourself to a potential client. After all, it’s your teams who will be managing and delivering the contract. We work with your employees to produce CVs that effectively showcase their skills and experience. Providing a greater level of detail will provide robust resumes for your bid library that can be utilised and tailored again and again for future bids.

Proposal Templates

We build bespoke, branded proposal templates to ensure your bids look professional and are structured correctly. We can provide these in a range of formats to suit your preferences.