Strategy Development

Tender Strategy Consultants Australia.

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction. The right strategy is essential for winning or re-securing Tendered contracts which is why ARO Tender Consulting work with clients to create value propositions that differentiate and yield results.

Creating winning bids takes considerable time and resources and runs deeper than simply producing attractive proposals.

Effectively identifying your company’s key values and offerings in relation to the clients required services is a critical success factor and will ensure enduring, aligned and profitable service delivery well beyond the winning bid.

Through bespoke workshopping sessions, ARO Tenders’ experienced Bid Consultants work with you to establish:

Pipeline Development

We assist you in identifying the upcoming tender opportunities within your market and ensure you are strategically placed to target relevant bidding opportunities.

SWOT Analysis

We identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing you in your markets and how these should be factored into your tender response strategy.

Resource Planning

We conduct a fully costed resource plan to map the necessary labour requirements to effectively complete the bidding process. This can be your internal employees, ARO Tenders’ Bid Consultants or a combination of both depending on your specific requirements and budget.

Win Themes

We help you articulate why your clients should choose you over your competitors and discuss how these themes can be developed and expanded upon to help you win bids.

Analysis of past wins and losses

We perform a full review of your strike rate to establish trends based on statistics from both your losing and winning bids. We analyse feedback to strengthen your future bid strategies.